Mini Leagues

Mini-leagues allow you to join in a group with your friends, family and colleagues in order to easily view each other's scores and teams.

Players may join up to 5 leagues.

All teams continue in the main standings, in addition to being members of any league.

How to join a Mini League

To join an existing league, you will need a League Code, which should be provided by the person who requested the league.

Once you have been given the code, go to your team page by logging-in with your username and password, and clicking your team link on the right-hand side of the screen.

At the bottom of the team roster page is the Mini-League manager.

Click on an open league spot to join the league.

You will be required to enter the League Code in order to join the league.

If you do not have a League Code, you are able to set up your own league, using the form below.

How to create your own mini league

Please use this form to request a new league to be formed.

You must provide your details and a league name.


Your Name:

E-mail Address:


League Name:

When you submit the form, you will be shown the League Code.

Please keep the League Code safe, as it will be required to enter the league.