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The History of Velogames Fantasy Cycling

The website that is now known as Velogames was formed in 1997, simply as George Chapman`s Fantasy Tour de France.

After several years providing the Fantasy Tour de France, the Velogames name was selected and other games introduced.

Over the past 16 years, the site has seen games devoted to all aspects of the road cycling season, including the Tour de France, Giro d'Italia, Vuelta a Espana, Spring and Autumn Classics, and the World Championships.

From the humble beginnings as a pen-and-paper effort for several hundred players, the most recent Fantasy Tour de France had over 15,500 competing teams from across all corners of the World.

An In-Depth Scoring System

The Velogames Grand Tour competitions are well-known for delivering a scoring system of great depth, with points awarded for stage results and overall classifications, along with several other ways for a rider may gain points.

Points hauls can be gained by winning intermediate sprints and leading over mountains, or taking for wearing the coveted leaders' for each classification in the race.

Additionally, Velogames rewards the loyal workers of the team, as assists are picked up for contributing to a teammate's winning performance.

As such, the main Velogames Grand Tour scoring system has remained relatively stable over the years, with tweaks here and there rather than a major revolution.

Players who begain playing the games well over ten years ago have seen the website evolve but the core game experience remains true to its traditions.

The key to remaining competitive through a Fantasy Grand Tour is to select a well-balanced team that will score well on stage results throughout each race, and also have several riders who will take the big rewards on offer for the End-Of-Tour classification points.

A little research can go a long way!

Featured Games

The traditional Fantasy Grand Tours remain the centrepiece of the Velogames season, as the 15,500 users who competed in the 2012 Fantasy Tour de France will attest.

However, the Velogames season opens with Velogames Fantasy Spring Classics, a series comprising of 13 of the toughest one-day races of the season. Users have transfers to use throughout the series, so canny team management ahead of each individual race is the key to success in this popular series.

The summer continues with the Fantasy Giro d'Italia, Fantasy Tour de France and Fantasy Vuelta a Espana, where users select a squad of nine riders to compete under the tried-and-tested Fantasy Grand Tour format.

Interspersed between the Fantasy Grand Tours can be other games, based on the smaller Stage Races or one-day race series.

The winter of 2011/12 saw the first running of Velogames:CX, based on the Cyclocross season on both sides of the Atlantic. Look out for an expanded version after the road season wraps up this Autumn.

And expect the unexpected as several more game models are lined up, which could see their debut in the months to come!

Prizes and Sponsorship

The main games on the site are free to play, and occasionally come with modest prizes.

For certain games, entrants can optionally pay a small amount for premium extras, such as multiple teams, extra transfers or extended stats pages.

These premium contributions help generate funds for the site, and are also are recycled into prizes where possible.

If you would like to discuss sponsorship or advertising opportunities, request a media information pack or would even like a Velogames contest set up for your own favourite race, please use the Contact Form.