Each player takes the role of a Directeur Sportif of a professional cycling team during the 2014 Tour de France race. The aim of the contest is to select the best possible team of nine riders, while operating within the conditions set on team selection. The better your racers perform during the three-week event, the more points they will accumulate for your fantasy squad.

Team Entry

You must use the Official Entry Form to submit your team. The Entry Form will be made available once the game is open for entries. It is expected that the opening date will be Monday 23rd June 2014.

Entry into the Fantasy Tour de France is free for each player.

Only one team is allowed per player. Multiple team entries by a single player is not allowed and could lead to teams being disqualified from the game. If multiple teams are found, only the last team entered by the player will be accepted as the official entry.

Entry Deadline

The deadline for entries to be submitted is 12:00 CEST (Central European Summer Time) on Saturday 5th July 2014.

Team Selection Criteria

In order that each player creates a balanced team, the following two important constraints are placed on team selection:

Team Budget

Teams are given 100 credits to select their riders. Credits are the Velogames currency. Each rider is given a value in credits, based on their prospective points-scoring abilities. The credits values are based on past results and recent form, with an emphasis towards those riders who have been successful in past editions of the race.

Rider Classes

Riders are split into 4 Rider Classes, which reflect their supposed strengths, weaknesses and role within their team. These categories are All-Rounder, Climber, Sprinter and Unclassified Riders.

Each team must contain 2 All-Rounders, 2 Climbers, 1 Sprinter, 3 Unclassified Riders and 1 Wild Card. The Wild Card selection may be from any rider category, and allows a team manager to specialise somewhat in the team they pick.

There are no other team selection criteria apart selecting 9 riders, staying within the 100 credit limit and making sure that the correct composition of Rider Classes is selected.

Team Changes

Once you have selected a team of 9 riders and they have started the Tour de France, you may not replace them during the race.

There will be no rider substitutions during the race, even if riders abandon during the race. The 9 riders that you start the tour with will be the only riders who will score you points during the event.

You can make unlimited changes to your team up until the entry deadline of 12:00 CEST (Central European Summer Time) on Saturday 5th July 2014. Simply click the Change Riders button on your team page to reselect your squad.

Only the last team entered by each player will be activated as an official entry.

It is the responsibility of each directeur to manage their own team line-up as the entry deadline approaches, although Velogames will provide a status for each rider showing whether or not they are on the most recent start-list.

No automatic substitutions will be made so make sure to have 9 active riders at the entry deadline!


Your riders score points for their real-life performances in the Tour de France, based on the Scoring System. You can also follow the link in the main Fantasy Tour de France menu for the detailed scores.

At the end of the week-long event, the team whose riders have amassed the most points is declared the winner of Velogames Fantasy Tour de France 2014.

Official Results

Stage points are given out based on the official race standings, as shown the official race website.

Scores become "confirmed" for Velogames purposes at 23:00 CEST during the evening on the day of each stage.

If a rider is removed from the standings after this deadline, for any reason, the points gained for that stage will stand.

Immediate disqualifications or declassifications (such as for irregular sprinting) will be taken into account when deciding the Velogames points, as long as these penalties are announced before 23:00 CEST.

Back-dated disqualifications and reversal of results (even for doping offences) will not be taken into account after the 23:00 CET deadline, and the rider will keep his points.

This rule certainly should not be viewed as an acceptance of doping. The technical and gameplay issues surrounding back-dated scoring adjustments are difficult. Also, it is not fair to excessively punish players who have selected a rider in good faith, even if that rider is subsequently exposed as a cheater.

Neutralised and Cancelled Stages

If the race is neutralised for any reason by riders or race organisation, then no stage points (finish, sprints, summits, breaks or stage assists) will be distributed following the point of neutralisation.

If sprint, summits or the breakaway points zone have been reached prior to neutralisation, this points will be added as normal.

Classification points (including team and overall classification assists) will be added to team totals as normal at the culmination of the stage.

Daily classification points will also be awarded as normal in the event of a complete stage cancellation.

Update Schedule

A scoring update will be made on the evening of each stage, when results are published by the organisers.

A supplementary scoring adjustment could be made if there are changes in the official published results before the official 23:00 CEST scoring deadline.

The aim is to make a daily update. In instances where it is not possible to update the site on a daily basis, a full update will be made as soon as possible to keep the scoring information up-to-date.


The Fantasy Tour de France has some amazing prizes this year, including a PyrActif cycling holiday to view the Tour de France 2015, and 21 stage prizes from Harper Collins! Check out full prize details on the Prizes page.