Velogames Fantasy Cycling

About Velogames


The website that is now known as Velogames was formed in 1997, simply as George Chapman`s Fantasy Tour.

After several years providing the Fantasy Tour, the Velogames name was selected and other games introduced.

Over the past 21 years, the site has seen games devoted to all aspects of the road cycling season, including the Grand Tours of France, Italy and Spain, the Spring and Autumn Classics, and other major stage races.

Scoring System

The Velogames Grand Tour competitions are well-known for delivering a scoring system of great depth, with points awarded for stage results and overall classifications, along with several other ways for a rider may gain points.

Points hauls can be gained by winning intermediate sprints and leading over mountains, or for taking and wearing the coveted leaders' for each classification in the race.

Additionally, Velogames rewards the loyal workers of the team, as assists are picked up for contributing to a teammate's winning performance.

As such, the main Velogames Grand Tour scoring system has remained relatively stable over the years, with tweaks here and there rather than a major revolution.

Players who began playing the games over 20 years ago have seen the website evolve but their core game experience remains true to the traditions of the first Fantasy Tours.

The key to maintaining a competitive team is to select a well-balanced squad that will score well on stage results throughout each race, and also have several riders competitng for the End-Of-Tour classification points.

A little research can go a long way!

Prizes and Sponsorship

If you would like to discuss sponsorship or advertising opportunities, request a media information pack or would even like a Velogames contest set up for your own favourite race, please use the Contact Form.